If you have any auricula plants or seeds that you wish to exchange with other members please send the details to 
and I will publish the information on this page.

Auricula Exchange

Ina a member in Germany has the following Auriculas for exchange.
Below is listed the Auriculas that she has for exchange and her wish list.
If you would like to exchange auriculas with Ina, use the clubs email and I will put you in contact with her

Ina’s Auriculas for exchange.
Here are the plants, which I could offer to exchange
(others are always available on request - just ask ;)

Lolita (striped)
Pinstripe (striped)
Merlin Stripe (striped)
Winnifred (Border, gold/orange)
Blusher (striped)
Gizabroon (Dark Self)
Hinton Fields (Fancy, yellow)
Greta (Fancy, red)
Taffeta (Other Self, pink)
Lamplugh (Double, dark crimson)
Sirius (gold centered Alpine)
Roxborough (light centered Alpine)
Brownie Point (Border, chocolate brown shaded)

Ina’s wishlist
And here are the ones, I'm especially looking for (although I'm also happy to exchange any others, which I don't have got yet):

Noelle (Fancy/striped, deep red)
Hot Lips (Fancy, Pink with Farina sprinkles)
Chiquita (Double, brown/gold)
War Paint (striped)
April Tiger (striped)
Zimmer (striped)
Likely Lad (striped)
Lady Emma Monson (Fancy, red)
Bright Ginger (other Self, orange)
any Yellow Self (except Pot of Gold)
Magnolia (Border, almost white)
Rusty Red (Border, red)

If any other members have auriculas for exchange please contact me and I will publish your list.

Exchanging auriculas is an excellent way of adding new auriculas to your collection, many of which are not available via normal retail or internet sources.

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